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Motorino Electric Scooters

MOTORINO™ is a Canadian brand of electric motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. Motorino scooters are the most popular brand of electric scooter in North America. They are sold and serviced from more than 30 dealers in Canada and USA.  More than thirty different models of Motorino scooters and bicycles have been introduced to the North American market since 2002.
The quality and technology of the Motorino models are superior to all other brands .They come stocked with Hydraulic  ABS brakes, wide motorcycle tires, CCT Driving System, Gel lead battery,lights, blinkers, security alarms,ipod docking,storage under the seat and has a seperate carrier.Motorino is  located in Vancouver,fully stocked with inventory of all body and electrical parts and accessories, for all the models we sell.
 If  you  are looking for a full sized electric scooter which enjoys all the freedoms of a bicycle then it must meet several criteria. In order to qualify as a power-assisted bicycle the scooter must be equipped with operational pedals. The motor must have a continuous power of no more than 500 Watts. Finally the bike must be limited to a top speed of 32 km/h. All of our MOTORINO scooters meet all of Transport Canada’s criteria and are qualified as power assisted bicycles.

Designed and developed for the North American market by Greenwit Technologies, the motorino electric scooter has improved acceleration, climbing ability and power due to the high performance driving system and patented CCT controller. A range of sizes, styles and colors are available.

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Motorino Electric Bikes

As seen on all 2011 MOTORINO™ bicycles, the electric drive system for bicycles has a unique motor and  controller combination which allows the rider to accelerate from a standing start and provides ample torque for climbing hills.

The motor, integrated in the front wheel, can achieve a torque of 34NM; enough to climb 15° hills without pedal assistance while carrying a load of 170Lbs.

All MOTORINO™ bicycles are built with high quality components which are added onto the bicycle, rather than being embedded within the frame of the bicycle, making the system easier to maintain. Connectors used throughout the electric drive system are water resistant so you may ride in the rain without worry.


Pedego Electric Bikes...Pedal or Not it's all up to you!

Pedego electric bikes combine the comfort & leisure of the automatic vehicle and the freedom & excitement of a classical bicycle into intelligently designed, undeniably stylish, and  exceptionally crafted piece of machinery. Zipping around on an electric bike from Pedego is sure to become your new favorite way to get around town, simply because it’s a relaxed method of exercise together with a casual form of fun.Available in many different color combination and styles. The choices are endless!

Pedego bikes are designed with comfort in mind. It starts with the bike’s forward front crank that allows the rider to sit more upright while pedaling. Additionally, the Step-thru comfort cruiser offers a sloping frame that makes this electric bicycle especially convenient for adults and seniors. even the most apprehensive biker can jump on and sail down the street on this bike.

Specially Designed Motor

All Pedego Comfort Cruisers come with a throttle-activated motor, putting the rider in complete command. That rider can pedal 100% or twist the throttle to use the motor and not pedal at all (or any combination of throttle and pedaling). It’s the rider’s choice how hard to work on any ride.

Pedego’s 500-watt silent hub motor provides the power to ride comfortably up hills and through heavy headwinds. The specially designed motor has no internal gears, instead relying on direct drive technology that employs magnets. With direct drive, there is nothing to wear out. Plus, Pedego electric bikes are completely freewheeling when powered off — there’s no additional resistance from the motor if a rider chooses to pedal. An additional benefit is the quiet ride. even the motor’s location is purposeful. With safety a top priority, Pedego’s rear hub motor is an improvement from front-hub designs. Placing the motor beneath the rider’s weight helps to keep the bike moving smoothly — with good traction.

 Variety of Choices

With Pedego’s assortment of e-bikes, everyone can be out riding. The Step-thru comfort cruisers are also available in a compact 24” size for riders under 5’3” tall. Pedego electric tandems double the fun. And for extra power, the Interceptor boasts a powerful 48-volt battery that can propel a rider up steeper, longer climbs. For even more choices, take a look at the rainbow of colors.

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