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Great News!!Cycle World is the One and ONLY  Norco Bike Dealer in Northern BC...We are happy, thrilled  and  just plain old excited to be working with such a great company.Come down and shop the full lineup, from kids,BMX,Hybrid, road to high end downhill,on the floor now!

 Cycle Worlds' 6500 sq. ft. store is stocked full of quality inventory with brands like Norco, exclusive dealer of Rocky Mountain,GT, Nirve,Louis Garneau and DK. At Cycle World we pride ourselves on being a family store. Whether you are a beginner biker, dirt jumper, mountain biker, or road warrior, we have something for everyone. To guarantee a proper fit ,we encourage our customers toTRY before you Buy The staff at Cycle World are very friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about biking.   Come by and see your friends at Cycle World today……
Where biking is our business!

What Style of Bike is right for you?

Where will you be riding? Is your riding preference rough mountain terrain, smooth park trails, crazy downhill courses, or just out riding with the family? What is your budget? These questions help Cycle Worlds' staff determine what style of bike is right for you.  At Cycle World we believe spending valuable time with our customers is worth the effort. After all a happy satisfied customer is a return customer!

Mountain Bikes

Designed to be strong, with shock-absorbing features and better braking systems, mountain bikes can handle dirt trails and the rocks, roots, bumps and ruts that come with them. In addition, they feature lower gears than most road bikes in order to better handle steeper terrain. Mountain bikes can be a good choice for commuting because they can withstand potholes and other city obstacles while still providing comfort although the smaller diameter wheel (26 inch) of the typical mountain bike will be less efficient on pavement than the larger diameter wheel of a road bike. If you are using your mountain bike for commuting, you might consider switching out the "knobby" tires in favor of faster tires with smooth treads.

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Road Bikes

Generally lighter in weight than the typical mountain or comfort bike, road bikes are good for multiple pavement uses including fitness riding, commuting, long-distance/event rides, touring and racing. They are suitable for riders ranging from novices to seasoned enthusiasts. Road bikes come with 2 handlebar styles. Drop-bar handlebars are lightweight and aerodynamic and the better choice for speed and efficiency. Flat-bar handlebars allow for a slightly more upright riding position which is relaxing and allows you to see the road and potential hazards better.

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Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a recreational class of bike emphasizing comfort and ease of handling over speed. They combine features from Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes and are ideal for riding around neighbourhoods, parks and bike paths offering a comfortable seat, upright sitting position and (often) suspension forks and/or seatposts for an extra smooth ride even over bumpy terrain. They feature the more efficient pedaling of 700-millimeter (700c) larger wheel diameters for higher speeds but use a wider rim and tire for increased strength and durability.

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BMX Bikes

BMX originates back in the late 70's but peaked in popularity in the early eighties. Originally the human powered form of Moto-Cross where instead of a motorbike, riders would tear round a circuit of bumps and jumps on a small wheeled bike with a single gear. BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) bikes have smaller 20" wheels, a relatively small frame and high bars. This style of bike is very popular with the younger rider, particularly teenagers who have adopted this "style" of bike as their own. BMX bikes tend to be stronger, due largely to their small frames, and because they have only a single gear, they tend to need less maintenance. BMX bikes are available with other smaller wheel sizes, (12", 14" 16" and 18") but these are mostly considered to be kids' bikes.

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Beach Cruisers

Cruiser bicycles, also known as beach cruisers, combine balloon tires, upright seating posture, single-speed drivetrains, and straightforward steel construction with expressive styling. The bikes, noted for their durability and heavy weight, were the most popular bicycle in the United States from the early 1930s through the 1950s. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, cruiser frames formed the basis of the newly-developed mountain bike. Cruisers’ comfort, style, and affordability (compared to mountain and racing bikes) have led to renewed popularity in recent years especially for aging Baby Boomers, who remember the originals from their youth and are now reaching an age where a comfortable bike is more exciting than a fast bike. The classic “retro” looks, reliable mechanical performance, comfortable ride, and relatively low price of cruisers (compared to mountain bikes or road racers) also appeals.

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